usually a d-ckh–d that does anything you tell them to. very attracted to dumb ugly skets. the ultimate wannabe chav.
person1: is swatman gay?
person2: yeah he is.

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  • daffbanging

    daffbanging is the act one individual with bad dandruff headbanging and thus showering anyone who surrounds him in dandruff. “…i was daffbanging on like, 15 people…”

  • daijne

    a smart person whose lowest grade is a 94% dude dont try to be a daijne

  • daining syndrome

    term used to describe someone with chronic masturbation habbits. seveteen times in one day. d-mn negro u got a mad case of daining syndrome. when you m-st-rb-t- way too much, approx. 10+ times in 24 hours. jonny had a case of daining syndrome, his p-n-s was bleeding.

  • flangit

    another word for chicken pox. ‘my kid has the flangit’ ‘oh really, my kid hasn’t caught it yet, can i come round?’ ‘yeah! lets have a flangit party.’

  • flap scr*ping

    flap scr-ping occurs after many hours of continuous s-xual intercourse, when the female v-g-n- will be unable to produce any more juices and dry up, creating a scr-ping sensation for both parties. “dude, she kept me up till 7am, did some hardcore flap scr-ping that night”

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