dead s-xy child
id like to have s-x with sweeden
northern european country that is covered in snow and tall people. naked tall people. naked blonde tall women.
wooohoooo! we’re going to eat fish in sweeden! wtfwtfwtf?
n. a hot girl. someone who you see and they make your skin curl. that’s a good thing. a very shallow word used only in cic-mstances where people around you know what it means. this word is usually accompanied by a sweedish accent, no matter how horrible!

alternate uses: (a country) n. sweeden. sweed; adj. sweedish

occasionally, annoying outburst in order to get on peoples’ nerves.
wowwie! look at that sweeden!
she’s a sweed.
or even
the weather is fine in sweeden. i’m from sweeden.

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