Swift Wind

a post-coital v-g-n-l emission whereby air, trapped during intercourse, escapes through the boning c-n-l, causing the woman’s engorged flaps to vibrate like the reed of a saxophone or clarinet.

the phenomenon is named after swift wind, she-ra’s winged battle-unicorn. the phrase was first cited in an episode in which the she-ra enjoyed a marathon fingerblasting session with arch villain, hordak, then rode back to the whispering woods on swift wind. upon dismounting, her gowl expelled a m-ssive baritone parp, which smelled strongly of hordak’s rod. “that was totally you!”, she cried. swift wind subsequently used his human-level intelligence and -n-lytical capabilities to mock she-ra ironically each time she queefed. eg. “oh dear, it would seem you’ve just swift winded over my best saddle princess”.
“would you ever close your vadge. don’t be blastin my new chaise longue with your swift wind you dirty bucket”

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