controversy that sp-wned out of the 2009 mtv video music awards. while accepting the award for “best female video,” taylor swift was suddenly interrupted by kanye west, who declared that beyonce deserved to win the award for one of the “best videos ever!” before handing the mic back to a stunned taylor. the show then cut to commercial before taylor could finish.

while initially suspected to be a staged hoax, mtv insiders confirmed kanye was removed from the event and taylor was seen crying backstage. however, upon accepting her award for “video of the year,” beyonce invited taylor back to finish her speech. the m-ssive backlash from celebrities and the media, coupled with kanye’s outburst’s popularity as a viral video (being mixed with obama’s healthcare speech interruption, for example) has prompted a wave of controversy and criticism of kanye’s behavior.
swiftgate is the first big celebrity controversy of fall 2009.

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