synerdickstic relationship

a relationship wherein one party is caring, sociable, and friendly, while the other party is simply a d-ck. these relationships often ruin parties, outings, chillings, and friendships. the good person in the relationship is called the synergist. the d-ck person in the relationship is referred to as the d-ck. the d-ck often treats everyone like they either don’t exist or are subhuman. they won’t laugh along to any jokes, join conversations, or talk to anyone unless they’re telling their synergist that they want something.

a synerd-ckstic relationship can be between two siblings, two friends, two partners, or two spouses. despite the synergist and d-ck being complete opposites, the synergist often says that he/she is happy in the relationship. the synergist is also often under the -ssumption that the d-ck actually enjoys their company and justifies their actions as inherently being “that way”, even though 90% of the time that -ssumption is false.
darrel: hey anna, you’re really cool and i like to hang out with you but your boyfriend is a buzz-killing d-ck.
anna: yeah, i know, i’m just in a synerd-ckstic relationship i guess.

i would invite matthew to come hang out today, but he’s in a synerd-ckstic relationship with his girlfriend.

sheryl: hey jessica, your boyfriend is a real d-ck and is never nice to you. i don’t think he likes you at all. this is a total synerd-ckstic relationship, when are you going to break up with him?
jessica: i’m happy with him, i know he likes me, he’s just that way.

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