synniah is a big booty girl who is mostly short

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    david finney is the most amazing guy in the world. he’s funny, smart as heck and amazing in every way. he is always there when you need him and will always make sure your okay. he’s loyal, dashing and extremely cute. he has hair to die for and he doesn’t care who touches it as […]

  • foreign cupcake

    to put your hand on another persons b-m when they fart, and then put your hand to their face making the one who farted smell their own fart. i foreign cupcaked my friend when he farted and made him eat his own fart.

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    this is the act of cooking a little debbie’s fudge round on a stick over an open fire and giving it to the truck man. i’m going to go give this hot fudge round to truck man because he got stuck and needs a pick-me-up.

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    double penetration of a woman with two guys in between her ! brenda had a hot beef sandwich last night with carl and dave!

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    when someone is like “aye where is my money?” and you be like ” on my timbs im finna give it to you” on my timbs b yo timbs fake as f-ck

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