a linguistic concept. syntax is the way how words are combined to phrases or sentences. syntax is commonly defined as a set of rules, which, if followed, are capable to produce all possible sentences (or programms if you consider computer languages as well) of a specific language correctly.
there are psychologists that -ssume that there has to be a syntax in our brains to understand language at all.
one (possible) rule of the english language: “in declarative sentences the word order is subject, predicate, object”, e.g. tom (subject) is sitting (predicate) on the chair (object).
a small fee you have to pay for breaking one of the 10 commandments.
tiger woods: oh look, i committed adultery.
government: and now you have to pay a syntax of $250,000.
tiger woods: why so much?
government: repeat offender.
short for syntax error. when someone says somthing that makes no sence, or is so unspecific, that the meening is lost.
guy #1: did you see that show last night

guy #2: syntax; unknown t-tle.
you get the idea
the rules by which a system or string of words is governed. synonymous with “grammar.”
“understand don’t i saying what you’re.” would be an example of incorrect syntax.
the order in which words or phrases are placed on a computer.
you have a syntax error dumbf-ck.
syntax- words used by kids with large unibrows who also happens to be extremely emotional, and think theirselves to be the modern day shakespere.
colin once said “please dont mock my correct syntax, it upsets my black little broken heart.”
a subcategory of linguistics, syntax is the study of sentence structure and the rules that govern it. from a linguistic point of view, the “rules of grammar” as published in textbooks are irrelevant; what’s important is that syntax categorizes the way the sentences are stored in our brain.
surface structure: “where did mark go last night?”
deep structure: “mark did go last night where.”

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