see you on the dance floor
the cover tonight is $8, syotdf!

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    desktris (desk & tetris): when you switch desks at work and you have to arrange everything so that’s it really neat and tidy with everything slotted perfectly in its -ssigned place… before it inevitably gets messy as the desk is no longer “new”. a bit like those elusive “neat books” in primary school where you […]

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    a shoe hole is when a female has her face down and her -ss up then the male leaps and try’s to land his oenis in the girl before his feet touch the ground “hey tanner you wouldn’t believe it even if i told you but i gave amanda a shoe hole and it was […]

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    getting sh-t faced drunk on the english beer newcastle man he was f-cking newced last night! he finished the whole 12 pack himself!

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    british slang for curtains d-mn look at the richard burtons in her parlor

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