a cult that originated from a gmod server known as civilgamers full of aliens that control society waiting for the world to blow itself up. their weakness is telling them happy birthday so they will try to avoid it at all costs. the owners are p.a.u.l or palm apples ukulele lemons, o.r.a.c.l.e or oranges race apples cats love eminem and more.
meme: have you heard that the t4f are looking forward to make a second 9/11?
beme: oh really? better not go to work.
the four fathers. a gang that turned into a cult by an alien leader named paul and his friend oracle who later changed his name to miracle. they secretly run the society and is the reason why barack obama is a cactus. happy christmas
hey have you heard about that alien cult, t4f? yea they took my cabbages.

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