taiyler is hardworking. she focuses on her grades, social life, athletics, and family. she is kind hearted with a joyful soul. she has a great sense of style with a wonderful taste in music. she loves many types of music and many other great old and new hits. she is not afraid to show her true colors and is greatly spirited. she is an amazing friend, sibling, daughter, and person in general who loves attention and love. she is a wild and loves a party. she has many hopes and dreams. she tends to exaggerate but shows she has a great imagination. taiyler is one of the most beautiful girls you’ll ever meet and thinks much of herself. she is confident in herself and others as well. she encourages and tends to make the best of every situation. taiyler isn’t an argumentative person towards her friends but is different towards her siblings. she is full of wonder, beauty, laughter, wildness, and a great rold model towards others young or aged.
woah! its taiyler! she is such a great friend!

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