take the shot mickey

the phrase, “take the shot mickey” is a meme that originated from a video with over 1.2 million views “uptown goof” uploaded by the youtuber “prozd”. the video begins with the beloved disney character goofy singing “uptown funk” by bruno mars. he is soon interrupted, however, by people claiming to be “copyright police”. goofy manages to escape, but he is quickly cornered by his old best friend mickey mouse who is pointing a gun at him. mickey tries to convince his friend to turn himself in, even referencing donald duck in a way that makes it seem as though he p-ssed away. goofy, ignoring the advice and seeing no way out, tells his old friend to, “take the shot mickey.” mickey mouse, loving goofy too much, cannot take the shot and goofy exclaims, “you’re a coward mickey. you always were.” thus a meme was born.
whimsy: pals this person is being mean to me, what should i do?
ren: take the shot mickey.
whimsy: i can’t.
dizzy: you’re a coward whims.
matt: you always were.

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