a fit and attractive female
my friend fernando and i love tamaguccis
#attractive #hot #fit #s-xy

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  • spazimodo

    someone who acts very strange, or does everything wrong, clumsy, goes round saying random stuff. for gods sake, will you stop being a spazimodo i like me friend even though he is a bit of a spazimodo

  • gum-banger

    somebody who talks too much and doesn’t follow up on it you my friend are a gum-banger , talking all that nonsense your l-ss is a gun-banger like , nothing happens what she says

  • bin child

    someone who knocks over a ton of bins and trips a lot, or is well known to be clumsy, reference to amazingphil from dan and phil. friend: dangit -fall over into trash can- phan: you’re such a bin child. friend: wat

  • zaffa

    born to be a mermaid d-mn, that girls a real zaffa

  • control-f*ck

    a term created by cindy b. gilbert addressing the keyboard command control-f that allows you to search a webpage for a certain term or phrase. amy: are you actually reading all this stuff? cindy: no, i’m just control-f-cking the page to get the gist of it.

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