a real n-gg-
oh you betta watch out tamarcus in the cut bruh

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  • raqaya

    raqaya is a ‘sl-t’ or ’emo ho’ that eats a lot of p-ck-r wipes boy: “she’s eating a p-ck-r wipe and she’s extremely emo” walmart man: “she must be raqaya”

  • nydrea

    the best girlfriend you’ll ever have ! down to earth , down to ride. someone fun to be around, really funny someone you’ll have to love! i love her! who? nydrea?

  • bang vibe

    to turn on a good playlist, smoke a bowl, and have lots of intercourse; only emitting positive vibes. if you’re in town christmas eve night, we should bang vibe.

  • anual income

    to have g-y s-x in the toilet i anual incomed ur -ss by finnmckay

  • kwiiyn

    kwiiyn is a name given to a good looking aborigional person of the torres strait island off the coasts of australia. kwiiyn also means “god of the sea” in the native tounge. wow hes a real kwiiyn i wonder if he’s got a gumma yet.

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