sweet, simple and caring kind of girl.
a person that is usually loved by everyone.

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  • tango string

    underwear bottoms or panties in the thong style. i always hate the way pantie lines look, so i wear a tango string to avoid them.

  • tanic

    end of the holiday rush to secure a tan before heading home to show off to friends and family. panic for a tan = tanic ‘oh no i’m not brown enough. i’m tanicking/beginning to tanic so i’ll sit in the blazing hot sun with no sunscreen on!’

  • tard time

    when you shut your brain off and enjoy the moment. today really stunk, i got a 12 pack and a couple of dvds, it’s tard time.

  • Tarmossin

    one’s last name “oh hi mr. tarmossin

  • TA Syndrome

    this is a condition common to those that have served/are serving for the territorial army in which they delude themselves with grandeur and demand respect in day to day “civi” life based on the fact they are in to ta. people with this syndrome do not suffer since a secondary symptom is being utterly oblivious […]

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