used by a mean person to describe someone who is doing bad at a particular activity. mostly used in gaming
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  • swolzies

    when you’re so buff that your muscles have muscles. omg heather, craig came back from summer break and looks so hot now! i know, craig is totally swolzies.

  • shanovya

    someone who is beautiful, loyal ,and attacks boys .this is a queen someone who is not to be played with or played because can play you just as easily but is willing go get that money no matter what. attractive shanovya

  • mufasa is roaring

    getting your period “hey i need a pad, mufasa is roaring

  • surlenda

    a person that is unique and over powerful and someone who cares about helping others when others are in need. your personality i like a surlenda lol.

  • reverse omelette

    when an omelette is cooked the put in the -n-s of the woman and eaten hey bob i pulled a reverse omelette on susy last night

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