tard guard

another name for people who take care of mentally handicapped kids and prevent them from harming them selves or others.
johnny got a job with the tard guard, then he got p–ped on
(n.) a device put on top of water bottles to prevent the liquid inside from splashing you when you drink, referred to in the more formal name as a “splash guard”. only a true r-t-rd would need a guard to prevent him/her from pouring their drink upon his/herself.
-“omg dude he just put a tard guard on his water bottle!”
-“what a r-t-rd!”
a f-ggot who follows around r-t-rds to make sure they aren’e hurt (even though the r-t-rd deserves to be hurt) because they do not see the evil in r-t-rds, who are quite obviously demon possessed.
i hate r-t-rds and i kill them for fun, and to stop them from forcing their evil ways upon the world. i would kill that r-t-rd over there with my knife if that tard guard didn’t look so menacing.

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