internet meme with no interesting, educational, amusing, social, political value or point whatsoever. tardmemes are present on all forms of electronic human communication (email, forums, social networking sites, blogs, usenet, irc, etc).

the primary purpose of a tardmeme is to waste the readers time and/or computing resources. one (possibly positive) secondary effect is any reader duped into partic-p-ting is exposed as a clueless f-cktard no more intelligent than a drunken sheep, this can be a help in keeping your friends list free of people so dumb they partic-p-ted in a tardmeme.

similar to impending doom/tenuous scientific conjecture/dangerous virus emails that encourage the reader to forward them to everyone they know, tardmemes often encourage people to partic-p-te in some simple way before copy/pasting/forward it on to other unwilling victims.

here are some simple tests. if what you just read fits any of the following then you just read a tardmeme.

1. it encourages you to copy/paste/forward it to others.

2. it has to tell you it is fun and, optionally, explain why.

3. if enough people forward/join/sign something will happen.

4. it is for/against something so extremely obvious only a complete f-cktard would counterpoint it, it may even be illegal to hold a counterpoint.

5. it has no point other than to reach a numerical goal of people involved with it.

6. it encourages a reversal of a recent advance or progress – luddite-like behavior.
“dude! your hot friend just did that facebook bra-color tardmeme!”

“aw d-mn, that’s her blocked. it’s so wrong, i know she’s more intelligent than that, she has a phd ffs!”

we are playing a game…… silly, but fun! right the colour of your bra as your status, just the colour, nothing else!! copy this and p-ss it on to all girls/females …… no men!! this will be fun to see how it spreads, and we are leaving the men wondering why all females just have a colour as their status!

1,000,000 people against pedophiles and child p-rnography!!!

millions against facebook’s privacy policies and layout redesign

we can find 10,000,000 christians on facebook

dangerous virus will wipe your hard disk forward to everyone you know

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