acne on a tattoo
robert has tatne all over his last name!

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  • tattle-texter

    someone that is constantly textin you and tellin on someone else! my kids keeps textin me about her sister hitting her. i told her that she is a tattle-texter!

  • Ta Vae

    ta vae is to be great. most often used when talking about person (s) that are good at many things that they do. to ta vae is to be an jack of all trades. ta meaning the and vae meaning greatest. when spelled with in two parts it is mainly used when refering to an […]

  • tax free

    income that isn’t reported to the irs, hence it being “tax-free”, usually gotten through illegal means such as drug dealing or illegal gambling “you been hustlin all day?” “you know it, gettin that tax free”


    acronym, too bad its only thursday my friend got really excited and was singing tgif, however i had to correct him with tbiot

  • tcpa

    a group of companies trying to control the computing world by disguising their plans as “increasing security”. the laws proposed for 2006 (which, the state of the american government, i don’t see not p-ssing) will make it illegal to: – write and compile non-tcpa software – sell non-tcpa hardware tcpa cuts down what you can […]

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