a young lady who loves to do hair, sing, and party. she is very beautiful lady and focuses on everything for school and a job. she is kind, always happy. her voice can charm many boys.
tavia your very beautiful.
you can sing very well.
a sweet, talented, beautiful young lady who seems untamed by any mans definition. independent to the fullest. always the trend setter. a blast to be around, a true friend, and the most amazing lover there ever was!
tavia your the best!
a beatiful, pretty, smart, gorgeus, amazing girl. everybody wants to have a tavia as there friend or more than that.
tavia is the preetiest girl on the earth. tavia is caring, giving, and wonderful.
” wow do you see that tavia, were so lucky to see one”

” i want a tavia”
a name usually bestowed unto hookers and personal -ssistants. she is exceptional at what she does and is held in high esteem by her pimp/boss.

also, see ‘wrath’.
pimp: tavia is on exceptional hooker. i hold her in high esteem

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