“typical cuban operation”

making something work or build something with only limited tools, parts, or resources like a cuban from south florida or west tampa.

it can be used as a response to a question or describing how to get something done.
question: oye papa how are we going to build this fence? we ant got no nails.

answer: tco

statement: pinga!!! i don’t know how i’m going to fix this. f-ck it tco.
an online forum where a bunch of cool girls hang out and make h-rny dessert cliques and chuck norris clubs.
sorry mom, i can’t clean my room, i’m on tco.
taken care of.
annoying mother: ‘holy sh-t did you wash teh dishes, mow the lawn, clean your room, do your homework, mail these checks, call your legal representative back, smoke that dimebag and take a shower?’
son: ‘shut up, it’s tco.’
the other half of team rand
also known as beth
short for tira connell
t-co hawaiin hot boxed the bathroom with her team member bender
(twin city outlaws) .com is an online forum full of old belly aching douche rockets.
hey do you browse tco?
no f-ck those -ssholes, i browse tcstangs
another word for texaco
“dude im gonna go to t-co wanna come?”
“yeah sure why not”
terrys chocolate orange, a delightful treat
i am quite peckish, tco me b-tch
total c-ck-out.
while a tko can be a total knock-out, a tco, or total c-ck-out, is the act of getting c-ckslapped so hard you either fall over or p-ss out.
mike tyson has a 14 in member. d-mn, he could use that thing as a weapon! tco, b-tch!

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