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tea party member, someone who staples tea bags on their hat while strapping on guns to attend a political rally. someone who salutes a yellow flag depicting a snake with the admonition “don’t tread on me”. a tea party advocate who publishes target symbols on elected members of congress while chanting militaristic slogans such as “don’t retreat, reload”. someone who believes that others do not deserve the decent pay, benefits or health care they expect for themselves. a hypocrite. a cave dweller. troglodyte.
teanderthal rand paul (r-ky) is the first tea party member elected to the united states senate.
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a stagnant evolutionary chain of the human species which has branched off from humans and will eventually become extinct.
teanderthals can’t survive, as it has become evident that their evolutionary process has become stagnant, which, in the end, will cause their demise.

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