the type of shirts worn by “teabagging” teaparty members…
did you see the sweet teashirts the libertarians have up on their website… i can’t wait to until mine gets here so i can put it on and get my picture taken while i’m teabagging a progressieve b-st-rd…

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  • Techkno

    amount of technology knowledge. jim’s techkno level is so low, i had to show him how to cut and paste.

  • technological rape

    the act of plugging the wrong cord into the wrong device. usually occurs in the dark when your fumbling through a plethora of cords. cell phone charger into ipod, ipod charger into laptop, laptop charger into cell phone = technological rape

  • Technopology

    the act of expressing one’s sorrow through an electronic device. i got a technopology from my boyfriend who obviously doesn’t want to apologize in person. he used technopology as a way to vent his emotion after the tragic event.

  • Technopuppet

    1. someone whose life is entirely ran by technology. 2. a person that is addicted to techno music man… ricky’s always walking around with those giant headphones on blasting techno music so loud the whole world can hear it. that dude is a technopuppet.

  • techulate

    using technology to isolate in social settings. sometimes i techulate at parties when i don’t know many people.

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