to be a high key ‘nice’ guy that generally will play wrestle/fight with girls. but low-key is bootyzilla.( man that turns into a monster when in the presence of big booty)
dude i stayed tebs all day till annie bent over! that -ss!!!!!
commonly used in many different social networks as an abbreviation for the word ‘terrible’.
person 1 : “how was the party lastnight?”
person 2 : “totes tebs… you didn’t miss anything”

person 1 : “the weather down the coast was tebs all weekend”
tender enlarged br–sts. this is mostly for males that make fun of swollen nipples on their friends. during p-b-rty, a teenager often has swollen nipples, which stick out at funny angles. see tebbing.
“slater has huge tebs,” casey said.

“did you see those kid’s tebs? they were m-ssive!”
single-syllable word for “terabyte” similar to “gig” for “gigabyte” or “meg” for “megabyte”
..at your lan… leeching all your tebs
1. a person of limited logic.

2. also, see “pleb”.

1. “you’re as smart as a teb”

2. “what a complete teb”

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