f-ck wit and not hot
you are such a teimana he is being a f-ck wit like teimana

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  • loud high five

    performing a marijuana transaction by double high fiving with money in one hand and receiving marijuana in another. lee: “you got the stuff?” preston: “don’t be weird about it, just give me a loud high five…”

  • id crack

    referring to, “i’d smash” it simply means, “i’d f-ck you.” yo, i’d crack her.

  • choy boy

    posers, little b-tch who thinks he’s the sh-t “he’s such a choy boy”

  • sydnea

    not boujee. but entirely to fabulous for anyone. she magically encourages and encomp-sses love, peace and joy. but don’t fool yourself she’s as strong as the whiskey she drinks. don’t be debbie downer. be a soulful sydnea.

  • squirty myrtles

    diarrhea “i got a bad case of the squirty myrtles!!”

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