the most amazing talented and attractive human on earth
tejhay why are you so s-xy

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  • the human natute

    the instinctive desire to seek out the origin of life. person a: again, how do you know that “we would have investigated the origin of life”? person b: cuz i know the human natute

  • shanii

    the most beautiful person alive. she is very talented and will be very successful in life. shanii is perfect. shanii is s-xual

  • dancing on the blacktop

    to get stabbed. to be shanked morgan about to dancing on the blacktop if she keeps her wook att-tude up.

  • dehydrated p*ss

    dehydrated p-ss comes from west virginia. well, its the skin color of one brandon kelly. look ma’ there goes that dehydrated p-ss boy brandon again.

  • to idolize marilyn monroe

    verb: for a guy to drop on his knees in front of a s-xy woman and ask her for s-xual favors do not even try to idolize marilyn monroe, unless you are proposing marriage to your girlfriend

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