when temple university j-pan fails to inform a student of something that will detrimentally affect that student until it is too late.
my friend was templed last semester and had to leave the country because the school didn’t tell him he was missing some visa doc-mentation until two weeks after it was due.
normally a religious term, the word temple comes from the latin word templum. it can mean…

1. n. a place used for worship, usually during ancient times. however, it is often the name for where hindu, buddhist, zoroastrian, shinto, and sikh religions practice.

2. n. the region on the head behind the eyes, near the temporal bone.

3. n. several cities in the united states are named temple, in states including georgia, maine, michigan, new hampshire, oklahoma, pennsylvania and texas.

4. n. one of two buildings in jerusalem that is at the center of jewish faith.
1. i went to the temple with my buddhist friend the other day. it was strange.

2. a person often rubs their temples when they have a headache.

3. we’re going to drive over to temple next weekend, you in?

4. i heard tommy had gone to jerusalem to visit the temple.
the names of a gorgeous girl who gets straight a’s. she’s misunderstood, and a complete misfit, but she doesn’t like fitting in, anyway. she’s known to wear lots of black and talk to few people. some think she’s shy and/or goth, but she’s really just extremely anti-social and doesn’t like people. even so, she loves the stage and is a great actor. she’s a very artistic person, but doesn’t reveal her true talents to many. she loves anime and video games. she loves animals and nature, and hates those who litter and contribute to destroying the environment. she’s a very kind and caring person who’s been hurt more than she deserves.
girl h: “wow, did you see that temple?”
girl s: “what a goth. she’s so goth she doesn’t even know she’s goth.”
girl h: “she’s not goth. you’re just jealous because she’s way cooler and prettier than both of us combined.”
girl s: “that is so true.”
a place where people tend to pray, like the ancient aztek used to sacrifice people.
“joe is gonna be sacrificed today, at that new temple. wanna come watch?” “sure, that’d be fun.”

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