scottish alcoholic beer
this pint of tennents is pish
1. a super stregth larger of extremely poor quality

2. adjective used to describe something beyond terrible
1.brizzle hizzle “hey man lets go grab some tennents!”

clampsh-ll “no way i aint drinking that”

2. brizzle hizzle “hey have you heard jimbles play a b-ss solo”

clampsh-ll “yeah man he’s so f-cking tennets!
possibly the worst type of lager beer i have ever tasted, yet due to the poor wages offered in scotland, a drink that i was forced to drink. (im not going as far as buck’s fizz….) tastes a little like australian lagers, (tooheys new and xxxx etc), but one gets the sense that they are taking the water for the brewing process directly from the firth of forth. leaves a grainy taste in your mouth, and a large headache in the morning.
scotland- the lucky country. sh-t food, sh-t beer and sh-t wages.

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