the word to describe someone with a ten inch d-ck.
jake, are you a tennincha?

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  • playing roger and donkey

    to have s-x, especially (but not exclusively) in a rowdy or wild manner. joey and goleson were playing roger and donkey again. the whole neighborhood heard them.

  • celeste %f0%9f%96%95%f0%9f%8f%bb

    most times, it’s a girl you won’t really like because she tries to get all the attention to herself. she thinks she is beauty queen, that she’s popular and maybe it is but she will always make a big deal out of it. look! she’s being like a celeste 🖕🏻 again!

  • anmb

    all n-gg-rs must burn. yesterday i got the tattoo “anmb”.

  • seairra

    seairra is a beautiful girls name!!!even tho a girl named seairra can be very mean sometimes she still has a caringbut loving background seairra went off and is so mean. 5 mins later. now she is very caring

  • kyonnia

    beautiful female. not scared to beat a b-tches -ss and is always there for her friends. keeps it real 100%. that kyonnia girl is gonna beat your -ss

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