faithful attract a lot of girls mean c-cky and is very attracted to lightskin girls and he is loyal
you need a terkwon in your life.

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  • strawberrian

    spoiled brat, useless piece of sh-t. treated like a delicate strawberry by brainless adults. that kid is hopeless; he must be a strawberrian.

  • pratam

    shortened version of the name pratamaneesh pratams are usually short, they are immature indian boys who are annoying to most people wow he’s being such a pratam today i know, he won’t shut up in elglish cl-ss. he keeps yelling out the answers but they’re always wrong

  • andriyah

    a beautiful flower that everybody loves. i love the flowers andriyah

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    a ugly fat c-nt who don’t know what they want and is always hungry. she always want something she’s never ever satisfied. that’s mackeyah the one that’s begging for food.

  • kasan

    gods gift to this earth hi kasan how are you today

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