open, standing-room only section of a soccer stadium. not many left these days due to safety concerns and hooligan activity.
all the hooligans beat the sh-t out of each other on the terraces
a series of concrete (or in the ‘good old days’ wooden) steps that are often seen at football grounds with crush barriers at regular intervals that are designed for spectators to stand on.

they have been phased out of the upper echelons of english football after the taylor report, which followed the hillsborough disaster, in which 96 liverpool fans were crushed to death. it didn’t specifically say that the fact the spectators were standing was the problem, more that the huge fences that were designed to pen fans in, even if they had to get out in the case of an emergency, were the real culprits.

it has been scapegoated for tragedies such as the hillsborough and heysel disasters when actually poor stadium design and maintenance and inadequate policing was to blame.

in germany standing areas have been reintroduced after they were banned in a similar move to the ‘all-seater’ law in england. however, they have shown that well designed modern terraces have a future.
“i wish we still had terraces. i just hate having to sit down when i watch football.”
instead of a balcony, when you’re sufficiently big, this is what they call you.
is this your balcony?
no, this is my terrace.
terrace is a small city nestled in the coast mountain range of british columbia. it has a population of approximately 15 000 people. the main industries in terrace are logging, fishing, and tourism.

terrace is home to the kermode bear, a rare subspecies of the black bear that is born with white fur. it is also known as the spirit bear.
terrace is a beautiful city, and a great place to raise children.

the decline in logging revenue has made real estate in terrace very affordable.

there are not many jobs in terrace; the unemployment rate is almost twice the provincial average.

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