someone who is out going ready to take anything head on.is very s-ssy.named mrs.world for the heritage part.has a lot of friends can be nice.ect
tessaney is the person that no one wouldn’t be able to get she has a funny sense of humor and is able to not have a dull moment she is very outgoing and tries her best to make people happy she loves other people and all of her family.(no matter how much they may annoy her).she likes to be happy a lot and never takes no for an answer.she is a very sporty person.she seems like she can be a good therapist and she is very nice.she is a runner(cross for life).when she is on the field she gives it her all.she never gives up and won’t back down from a fight!she loves people even if they hate her.she tries her very best to be nice.but she has her times.she is a very musical person and typically plays the clarinet.she is a christian and loves jesus.she loves animals and wants to work with them.she also has a dream to be a youtuber. she is a random and silly person that many people can grow to love.but she has times where she is very insicure and hates everything about her.she knows she might be beautiful but she doubts that a lot.she also has a lot of mental stuff wrong that she never mentions.she gets called beautiful but she doesn’t think that she sees her self as a person who can never fit in and someone who will never be with someone she loves because no one loves her back.she holds back a lot of her feeling like her sad,mad,scared,disgust feelings she just leaves out the one feeling so everyone can just see happiness instead of sad mad disgust scared.shes held back a lot of anger

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