tete is a beautiful smart girl with a nice body she likes to have fun but is very shy also has a beautiful smile but you won’t want to be around her when she is angry she is very sensitive she’s a go getter a trend setter for most and a good best friend any one can have she is a googd friend but she keeps her circle small
tete is s-xy
the most vile , disgusting , selfish, lowest life form on the planet. a parasite to everything it comes into contact with. sucking the life and resourses out of its hosts then moves on to other hosts leaving its offspring behind to finish the job.
my friend married a te te.
an abbreviation of a r-t-rd. r-t-rd=tard. tard=te-te.

btw, in latin, the direct translation of r-t-rd is “born slow”… its self explanatory
person 1: oh no she could get drunk of hand sanatizer!
person 2: wow, ur a te-te
1) french for head
2) a name given to a person who has ammusingness
1) a. je te plumerais la tete~
b. miubee pats tete on the tete

2) tete was singing about me agian
a type a girl who attracts ugly -ss dudes and she is a ratchet -ss hoe! who loves her best friend carson
dang tete you talk to him

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