texas cake house

an extremely risky and daring s-xual maneuver in which a guy enters their partner’s -ss (“cake”) on horseback while simotaneously attempting to l-sso a steer. there is continuous debate on whether a successful l-ssoing of the steer needs to take place to be considered a true texas cake house. some consider a failure to l-sso as a completely different meneouver called the “oklahoma cake house.”
person 1 (in an aside to his friend while at a local pancake house): hey bro how was your visit to dalls last week?
person 2: f-ckin weird. this chick i hooked up with asked me to perform a texas cake house on her. i obliged not knowing what it was. next thing i know i’m in a fenced in dirt pen trying to throw a rope around a cow. wild.

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