a textual escapade; a wild and oftentimes illicit text message episode through a series of text messages
my phone was blowing up last night! i had a textcapade with three drunk chicks
the act texting an entire conversation between two people.
after me and my boyfriend’s lengthy “textcapade” last night, we are now officially broken up.
a texting conversation that is more exciting than a regular one, due to the content of the conversation or the misspelling of words. can be enhanced by alcohol or weed.
check out this textcapade i had with marc last night; he was so drunk!
enhanced, enlightened emotions expressed through communication by text message. to have a text message conversation with the imtimacy of a face to face conversation.
i couldnt see my girlfriend that night, so we texted each other all night how much we love each other. i’ll never forget those textcapades. breathtaking.

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