thats whats up

thats wats good.
person says: “yo i just got this/these hot new (shoes, job, cd, car, etc.)
you say:”thats whats up!”
something is cool, or your giving credit to someone for doing something
hey troy i got them tickets to see scarface. (troy says ” thats whats up!”)
meaning that you fully understand and/or agree and find yourself excited about the idea or suggestion proposed.
friend 1: “yeah so i’m thinking we chill before, and then hit the club by 9. got mad beer at the crib anyway”
friend 2: “that’s what’s up”
to show approval of a person’s achievement.
“you got accepted to harvard? that’s what’s up, dude.”
something that is exciting, great, and agreeable.

cool the sh-t the bomb these are just a few synonyms.
“you won a million dollars? that’s what’s up!”
a way of agreeing to what the other is saying. or if they ask you a question it can also mean that you are down to do what they’re asking.
1:”ay mayne, i got this killa, we blazinituptoday?”
2:”shiiiit, that’s what’s up!”
used to agree with something, to say you like something, when you don’t know what else to say, and when you don’t know how to answer a text.
-i’ll be there later.
-that’s whats up.

-so, i’m bored.
-that’s whats up.

-wanna get burritos?
-that’s whats up!!

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