The Birdcage

a pick up play in which a heteros-xual male wingman portrays a h-m-s-xual male in order to win the attention and trust of a female or group of females as a means of introduction for his heteros-xual companion.
when rich and corey ran the birdcage, rich won the ladies attention and corey reaped the benefits.
1 – a handjob, delivered through the boxers, usually in a situation in which the giver of the birdcage believes the recipient’s genitals to be dirty or otherwise inadvisable to touch. a chi-phi-ism. can be used as a verb.

2 – metaphorically, anything unsatisfying or upsetting.

3 – a stock phrase, “worse than a birdcage,” used to connote extreme irritation.
1 – man, this broad gave me the birdcage right on the dance floor. sir!

2 – those f-cking cops were giving me the birdcage.

3 – the party was worse than a birdcage, bro, everyone was completely state.

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