the boiz

the boiz, the most hardcore on earth. leaded by steve irwin and co-leaded by the g man, the boiz hate cider drinkers, f-cking p-ssys. famously one of the boiz was quoted saying “it’s past april fools and people are still drinking cider”. to become one of the boiz you have to p-ss a strict initiation set by one of the senior boiz. if one of the boiz are caught drinking cider they will be one of the boiz no more and will have to redo a worse initiation. there are many rules of the boiz including; don’t talk about the boiz to non-boiz and never chat sh-t about the boiz. the boiz are like a religion and stick up for each other, if anyone tried to force one of the boiz to drink cider they will get a left right goodnight. only the most elite can become one of the boiz!
did you see that guy take down a bear with one blow? yeah he’s one of the boiz!

that guy drinking cider? nah he’s one of the boiz!

my mum asked me what i wanted to be when i was older i said i wanted to be one of the f-cking boiz

there is only one gender and that is the boiz

‘if she’s 6ft she’s not a girl she’s one of the lads, get her a pair of shin pads and tell her to go defend that corner

next time i’ll j-zz on his toilet paper and get his mum pregnant

we all know that one guy who drinks cider and thinks he’s one of the boiz

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