the breaks

bad luck, a d-mn shame, or an unfortunate occurrence.
at the laundromat:
doc: “what up dogg.”
timmy: “nothing much. i lost a quarter under the washing machine a couple minutes ago.”
doc: “that’s the breaks.”

a week later:
doc: “what up dogg.”
timmy: “didn’t you hear? i lost my job and my wife left me for the mailman. oh yeah, and my house burned down during thanksgiving dinner and my entire family died. what a terrible tragedy!”
doc: “that’s the breaks.”
a nick-name for an arcade named “8 on ‘the break'” (8otb) that is located in dunellen, new jersey.

the break is where all the cool people hang out, like happy days.
chef: “hey adam, do you want to go to the break?”
adam: “not today, i’m broke”
chef: “i love you”
an 80’s rap song from kurtis blow. it is recommended that you listen to it for yourself to understand what it truly means.
“clap y’hands everybody, if you got what it takes….’cause i’m kurtis blow and i want’chu t’know that these are the breaks!”
-beginning of the breaks

you want an example of this song? play grand theft auto : vice city!
change of direction or luck
1) the football team thats down 7-0 in the fourth quarter recovers a fumble. “that’s the breaks.”

2) “hey, man. what’s up?”

“i just met this girl. she’s perfect. i love her.”

“that’s great. congrats. you ask her to marry you?”

“yeah. she said no.”

“ouch. those are the breaks.”
getting beat up really bad.
“billy got beat up today”
“did he win?”
“no, he got the breaks and is now in the hospital.”

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