the c-est

the coolest
peyton manning is the c-est

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  • oxijate

    providing oxygen to a fire, after a few beers. i provided oxijated the fire.

  • stone souped

    to be deceived, tricked or outwitted. based on the 1947 book “stone soup” by marcia brown. a group of hungry soldiers outwit a group of greedy villagers and trick them into preparing a feast for them. i gave that homeless man money and later saw him driving away in a better car than mine, i […]

  • myspicious

    when you’re myserious and suspicious friend:acts weird and says weird stuff you:i’m very myspicious

  • douffledorf

    someone who’s a complete idiot. johnny wrecked his car trying to show out in front of his girlfriend. he is such a douffledorf

  • ginnay

    when your teamates are totally h-m- bro. totally ginnay right now.

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