The Dark Knight

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the best f-cking film i have ever f-cking seen, its so f-cking good i have to justify it by swearing so f-cking much when im not even f-cking defining a f-cking swear word, i saw this film last night and it was absa-f-ckin-lutely the best film ever made by anyone in the history of the f-ckin world, heath ledger rules over every scene that would have otherwise been dominated by christian bale, holy cr-p some of the scenes were so f-ckin exciting i almost p-ssed my pants. 2 f-ckin billion out of 10
“i just c-mmed”
“why, did u just watch the dark knight”
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the sequel to batman begins, currently due for release july 18, 2008.
the dark knight’s villain will be the joker.
a kick–ss movie about batman, the joker, and two-face.
hey, i saw the dark knight in imax.
the greatest movie to ever be made. heath ledger as the joker is absolutely the best role in the film.
isn’t it funny how even though the joker is the bad guy in the dark knight, you still root for him? its not like other movies where the villian is always hated. in my opinion, bat man is a pansie and joker is a g-d!
a must see amazing movie that is also well deserved voted the #1 movie of all time according to
bob: did you see the dark knight?
joe: no not yet
bob: go see it man it’s amazzzinggg
best comic book movie ever made.
the dark knight is the highest rated comic book film ever.
a movie that proves that when a production staff actually works to make a sincerely great movie, it will, in the end, pay off infinitely better than the endless flood of quickie cash-ins that comprise 90% of hollywood’s output these days.
the dark knight is one of the best movies of the past several years, and excels in every way it aims to.

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