the easily offended

the easily offended are, self-explanatory, people who are easily offended. they are practically cl-ssed as beings who get into too much of a hissy fit when they have resulted from even the slightest of offence.

this usually entails people who are, unfortunately, very easily manipulated, but includes however not limited to religious people, ones that are far too attached to/with something (e.g: see weeaboo) or simply lifeforms that cannot handle a rational disagreement – let alone just a typical gossip.

to cause offence to the easily offended usually leads to the ’causer’ having to put up with their whiny attempts to show how much pain the ’causer’ has caused them, and it has been common that the ’causer’ is expected to apologise, improve upon their actions, or even make up for the altercation in some way – when clearly, it’s the easily offended’s fault.
you: jesus is really great,

me: yeah, i guess. but here’s a theory – i’ve read the bible. at points it claims that ‘the lord’ is jesus, and that ‘the lord’ is g-d. which is it? don’t you think that’s a prime example of hypocrisy?
you: …don’t say that about my religion! g-d has helped me so much, and jesus died for our sins!
me: oh, my bad, i didn’t realise you were part of the easily offended (!)
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