The Evil Side

east side san jose
dont go there dumb-ss

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  • magoombas

    another name for t-ts. comes from the b–b shaped creatures on super mario brothers. did you see that chick walk by? she had some m-ssive magoombas!

  • Broem

    a bro poem used to convey ultimate broship. brah i just wrote you a broem in iambic parameter!

  • Broffer

    a formal request in which one party asks another to be one’s “bro.” (rarely carried out between true bros) no true bro ever makes a broffer. being a bro is just a mutual understanding. it’s quid pro bro.

  • The Extraction

    consist in exposing your reasonably erected p-n-s to your potential date in order to create a moment of decision. this technic is mostly used as a “nothing to lose” move. the concept became popular in hongkong in the p-ssed few years before spreading more widely in southeast asia. “i was at home with this girl […]

  • The French Exchange

    a situation where 2 people simultaneously perform the cupcake movement on each other after farting at the same time. the exact opposite of barter, due to it being ‘a double coincidence of do not wants’ “i trust last night went well, sir?” “bally terrible unfortunately jeeves, i was planning to cupcake aunt agatha and at […]

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