The Flaming Dragon

when one inhales & swallows the blunt or joint (marijuana rolled in paper) when it was near finished smoking (the “b-tt” or “roach”) and then proceeds to exhale the smoke out of ones nose.
everyone watch andrew do “the flaming dragon” with this roach. it’s awesome!
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the flaming dragon is a s-xual move that some people may use this move if they are willing to spice up there s-x life, this move involves the use of hot sauce and strong sense for spicy flavorous.

it all starts wen the girl puts a layer of hot sauce on the d-ck then coating it then getting down to give him a gobby this will in be a sure killer to go down in your bedroom if your looking to spice up your life.

this move is not recommended for first timers
zoe wanted to try the the flaming dragon so she put thick a layer of hot sauce on sams d-ck then intense it, she then getting down on her knees to give him a gobby she quickly realised that this was more intense than she expected.

this move is not recommended for first timers

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