The Flap

the disease-like addiction to the new smart phone app “flappy bird.”
girl 1: “so i was hanging out with david the other day… and i think he gave me the flap”
girl 2: “that sounds terrible, is there any way to get rid of it?”
girl 1: “i don’t think so…”
girl 2: “well what is it?”
girl 1: “here give me your phone.”
-two hours later-
girl 2: “……. oh sh-t”
a condition where a girl has a p-ssy so loose you can fit a d-mn watermelon in it. it also usually smells of dead fish and generally has lips that sag out of her pants.
george: dude i totally banged megan last night!
ryan: wtf dude she has the flap!
a style of dance created by the redd zown. performed by releasing the shoulders while “flapping” one’s hands and arms to the beat. term could also be used in any sentence in place of a verb.
“the ladies love when rob cahill does the flap in the club”
“i flapped the b-tch in the face”
“do you mind if i flap around the car a little bit?”

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