the liberal quiz

a game that finds out if you’re a liberal, a hypocrite, another hillary clinton, or none of the aforementioned.

you might be a liberal if:
1. you find any one of these words objectional: h-ll, d-mn, b-tt, fart, p–p, cr-p, s-x, shut up.
2. you consider donald trump s-xist for the things he said in 2005.
3. you consider donald trump racist because he wants to get rid of illegal immigrants.
4. you think there are more than two genders.
5. you protest by blocking roads and rioting.
6. you support hillary clinton — in any way, in any shape, under any circ-mstance, no matter what you think about her.
7. you think double standards are 100% a way to go!
8. you have ever worn a tee and sweatpants to church.
9. you have ever started a school shooting.
10. you are obsessed with your ex.

if at least any 6 of these 10 things apply to you, you are a liberal! if at least any 8 of these 10 things apply to you, you are a hypocrite! however, if all of these 10 things apply to you, you are hillary clinton, reincarnated!
according to the liberal quiz, i am not a liberal and i’m proud of not being one!!

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