the lilar

the real creature that lives in the chamber of secrets.
look! it’s the lilar

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  • queen katie duker

    when a affluent well to do chick has a large t-rd that just won’t come out. holy christ this f-cking t-rd is just stuck up my tight -ss. you must have a queen katie duker

  • mountain badger

    a woman over the age of 50 s-xually attracted to younger men my grandmother is interested in my best friend. definitely mountain badger activity!

  • gifing

    to create a animated gif i am really good at gifing videos.

  • notornimity

    when people have heard of you, but have no idea who you are. any actor you’ve seen in a lot of parts, but have no idea what their name is. (notoriety/anonimity) mark sheppard enjoys a certain notornimity, when you see him in a tv show, you think, “oh, its that guy, he was in…”

  • pet*tition

    pet-tion to keep pedophiles out of your neighborhood. frank kept feeling up little boys down the street, so the neighborhood signed a pet-tition… f-ckin’ frank.

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