the parker e-act academy

the parker is a school in daventry (a.k.a chaventry) is know for having alot of r-t-rd students and have a cl-ss chavs.

the parker has a bunch of official roadmen, if you spot one of these beware as they might push you or try and sell you lucazade, stay cautious!

there are a few smart people however records say there’s only 2, they get the best grades because every one else is stupid.

in the schools canteen you might find a rare breed of lazy females who hang lit there for no god damm reason. the canteen also has a line of amazing food such as: coop pizza, coop cake and other coop foods.

usually if the females are not hanging out in the canteen, they will be standing on the corner asking each other if they shave their p-ssy.

there are also alot “football kids” who think they’re hard but really they are just w-nkers

if you don’t rob at least 5 chocolate bars a day from the local coop then you can’t be cl-ssed as a parker kid.

if your child is a cl-ss a roadman/ waker who has a fetish for stealing send him here.
roadman 1:yo bruv lemme sell you a chocolate bar ennit, where will we meet

roadman 2: yo bruv meet me in the parker e-act academy you feel me

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