The Shaggy is strong with this one…

a phrase that describes the strong probability that a pre-teen lad will eventually discover and commit substantial interest and money to marijuana in his teen years and beyond. the labeling of said pre-teen is based on several signs, including but not limited to:
1. pervasive sloth,
2. inability to react to any situation with any affect other than “woah dude, that’s intense…” even when faced with legitimately urgent circ-mstances,
3. otherworldly appet-te for candy and sweets… of any type, at any time and at any social, physical or emotional cost to himself or others,
4. preference for human interaction only through online gaming platforms unless in-person, face to face interaction is required to obtain candy or a wifi p-ssword… and even then the interaction is devoid of eye contact.
little bro 1: guys, let’s bounce! the swimming pool only has free swim for another hour!
little bro 2: absolutely! wait… where the heck is brian?
little bro 3: he’s still sucking on his x-box nipple. i’ll get him- briaaaaannnnnn!!! c’mon dude, let’s get to the pool before it closes!
brian (slurring through a cheek full of skittles mixed with half-chewed snickers bar): in a minute- i’m almost done making an awesome closet for my minecraft pet pig, man…

bro 1’s mom whispering to bro 1’s dad: the sh-ggy is strong with this one… let’s keep that in mind for a few years…

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