the tip-toe rule

when two people meet, usually online in an online chat room, and through common hardships, life experiences, witty humor, and intellect fall in love. both parties are madly in love, but for for one reason or another are afraid of telling the other party. the tip-toe rule is designed to keep one party from saying the words “i love you” at a time when both are emotionally vulnerable and are afraid from falling off an emotion cliff with no bottom. it is believed by respecting this boundary that these two people will be able to build a relationship meant to endure, and last the test of time.

the tip-toe rule is a rule deisgned and created by two people to protect their fragile relationship. usually a fool-hearty decision because there are no guarantees of a tomorrow.
“dexter sat down looking longingly at the object of his affection. his own recently jaded heart wanted to tell the woman of his affection that he loved her with all his heart, but was afraid of falling into the abyss from which he could never climb. in fact, in a series of bad comedies, he unknowingly threw himself down into the abyss by abiding by the tip-toe rule. to this day, dexter has never been able to find his way out.”

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