The Widowmaker

a fabled drinking apparatus, built for aggressive consumption of alcohol. similar to flip cup, the widowmaker is used in a team challenge, that consists of racing to complete your beverages. the device itself consists of 10 beer bongs, 5 on each side. with each team on their knees, the match begins at either ended, with the parallel players beginning to empty their funnel. once empty, the player will tap the teammate to their immediate, which allows them to commence their funnelling. the first team to complete all 5 funnels is declared the winner.

the widowmaker can also be used to ‘run the gauntlet’, which involves the drinking of all 10 funnels by one individual. the gauntlet can be used to celebrate a birthday, recognize the completion of an essay, or act as punishment for douchebaggery.

origins: the original widowmaker is rumoured to have been built in the frozen tundra known as ‘canada’, at the party haven known as queen’s university.
after using the widowmaker, a liver transplant was required.

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